Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Hello - I am getting some frequently asked questions that are popping up. I am going to start a new tab called FAQ and add to the list.

1.  What nights do we play.

  • Nights are not available but in previous years Timbits Played on Tuesday, U7 on Wednesday, u9 on Thursday, u8 on Monday, u10 on Wednesday, u12 on Tuesday, u14 on Monday, u16 on Thursday, u18 on Wednesday. These nights are not confirmed for this year.
2. What equipment do we need?
  • a pair of shoes - cleats as you move up in the levels
  • a pair of athletic shorts
  • shin pads are mandatory
  • longer soccer socks to cover the shin pads (at some age levels these are provided)
3. What about Cancellations due to weather?

  • Trent Hills Soccer Club controls and has autonomy over the House League. This covers the Timbits, u7 and u9.  We are allowed to cancel due to extreme weather and can decide ahead of games. We will try to make that decision in a timely fashion.  
  • We do not have the ability to control the Travel teams in the same way as it is governed by the Tri-County Soccer League (several clubs - Douro, Havelock, Hastings, Castleton and Trent Hills)  working together to operate the league).  We must travel to the game and only the Referee on the pitch at the time the game is supposed to start has the ability to decide whether the game is a go or not. It is controlled by the Ontario Soccer Association's rules. Generally they play if it is deemed to be safe. Unsafe conditions would be lightning or extreme heat (in extreme heat the league may step in and decide if it is safe).

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