2018 Information:

Start Date: Thursday, May 24th running 12 weeks until Thursday, August 9th.

Wrap up night on Thursday, August 9th.

Thursday nights ~ Practice / Warm-up @ 6:30 ish, Game @ 7 p.m.

Kennedy Park in Campbellford (Lower & Middle Fields)

Game Rotation:

Campbellford 2: Lower Field (closest to skate park) & Middle Field

**Please note... our U8 Travel team will be playing on the lowest field closest to the parking lot. 


1901THURSDAY5/24/20187:00 P.M.12Campbellford 2
1902THURSDAY5/24/20187:00 P.M.34Middle Field
2903THURSDAY5/31/20187:00 P.M.13Campbellford 2
2904THURSDAY5/31/20187:00 P.M.42Middle Field
3905THURSDAY6/7/20187:00 P.M.14Campbellford 2
3906THURSDAY6/7/20187:00 P.M.32Middle Field
4907THURSDAY6/14/20187:00 P.M.12Middle Field
4908THURSDAY6/14/20187:00 P.M.34Campbellford 2
5909THURSDAY6/21/20187:00 P.M.12Middle Field
5910THURSDAY6/21/20187:00 P.M.34Campbellford 2
6911THURSDAY6/28/20187:00 P.M.13Middle Field
6912THURSDAY6/28/20187:00 P.M.42Campbellford 2
7913THURSDAY7/5/20187:00 P.M.14Middle Field
7914THURSDAY7/5/20187:00 P.M.32Campbellford 2
8915THURSDAY7/12/20187:00 P.M.12Middle Field
8916THURSDAY7/12/20187:00 P.M.34Campbellford 2
9917THURSDAY7/19/20187:00 P.M.12Campbellford 2
9918THURSDAY7/19/20187:00 P.M.34Middle Field
10919THURSDAY7/26/20187:00 P.M.13Middle Field
10920THURSDAY7/26/20187:00 P.M.42Campbellford 2
11921THURSDAY8/2/20187:00 P.M.12Middle Field
11922THURSDAY8/2/20187:00 P.M.34Campbellford 2
12923THURSDAY8/9/20187:00 P.M.13Middle Field
12924THURSDAY8/9/20187:00 P.M.42Campbellford 2

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