Mini Bits / Timbits

Start Up Date: Tuesday, May 29th 

Wrap Up Nights: 

Campbellford: Ice Cream Sundaes on Tuesday, July 31st, but last game on Tuesday, August 7th
Warkworth: Ice Cream Sundaes on Tuesday, August 7th and last game

We have been reminded by the Municipality that parking on County Road 29 is prohibited and that they may enforce this with ticketing. Please consider car pooling or parking at the arena / school and taking the short walk behind the ball diamond to get to the upper field. 

Timbits play on Tuesday nights at Kennedy Park in Campbellford and the Upper field in Warkworth.

Players are expected to be at the field for 6:30.  From 6:30 to 6:45 will be a practice/organization
time. Kickoff will be 6:50. Games should be over by about 7:20.

Children need shin pads and sturdy shoes.

Game Rotation:
Please note that there will be 4 Warkworth teams that will play only out of Warkworth and rotate playing each other. There are 10 Campbellford teams that will play out of Kennedy Park in Campbellford and will rotate playing each other.

Campbellford 1: Lower Field (closest to parking lot)
Campbellford 2: Lower Field (closest to skate park)
Middle Field... between upper and lower fields

Warkworth 1: Upper Field (closest to road)
Warkworth 2: Upper Field (closest to arena)

**PLEASE NOTE**: MiniBits DO NOT have a game rotation. All 4 teams will be on the top field in each of the corners. Coaches will just choose a location when they arrive. The below schedule is for Timbits in both Campbellford and Warkworth.

5/29/2018C1C2Campbellford 1
5/29/2018C3C4Campbellford 2
5/29/2018C5C6Middle Left
5/29/2018W1W2Warkworth 1
5/29/2018W3W4Warkworth 2
6/5/2018C6C4Campbellford 1
6/5/2018C5C1Campbellford 2
6/5/2018C2C3Middle Left
6/5/2018W2W3Warkworth 1
6/5/2018W4W1Warkworth 2
6/12/2018C5C4Campbellford 1
6/12/2018C1C3Campbellford 2
6/12/2018C2C6Middle Left
6/12/2018W3W1Warkworth 1
6/12/2018W2W4Warkworth 2
6/19/2018C3C6Campbellford 1
6/19/2018C4C2Campbellford 2
6/19/2018C1C5Middle Left
6/19/2018W1W2Warkworth 1
6/19/2018W3W4Warkworth 2
6/26/2018C2C1Campbellford 1
6/26/2018C4C6Campbellford 2
6/26/2018C3C5Middle Left
6/26/2018W2W3Warkworth 1
6/26/2018W4W1Warkworth 2
7/3/2018C2C3Campbellford 1
7/3/2018C6C5Campbellford 2
7/3/2018C4C1Middle Left
7/3/2018W3W1Warkworth 1
7/3/2018W2W4Warkworth 2
7/10/2018C4C3Campbellford 1
7/10/2018C6C1Campbellford 2
7/10/2018C5C2Middle Left
7/10/2018W1W2Warkworth 1
7/10/2018W3W4Warkworth 2
7/17/2018C5C6Campbellford 1
7/17/2018C1C2Campbellford 2
7/17/2018C3C4Middle Left
7/17/2018W2W3Warkworth 1
7/17/2018W4W1Warkworth 2
7/24/2018C2C4Campbellford 1
7/24/2018C1C3Campbellford 2
7/24/2018C5C6Middle Left
7/24/2018W3W1Warkworth 1
7/24/2018W2W4Warkworth 2
7/31/2018C5C3Campbellford 1
7/31/2018C2C6Campbellford 2
7/31/2018C1C4Middle Left
7/31/2018W1W2Warkworth 1
7/31/2018W3W4Warkworth 2
8/7/2018C1C5Campbellford 1
8/7/2018C5C4Campbellford 2
8/7/2018C2C3Middle Left
8/7/2018W2W3Warkworth 1
8/7/2018W4W1Warkworth 2

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