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TCSL Playing Rules for the 2016 Season

The following are the Tri-County Soccer League (TCSL) rules for the 2016 season.  All FIFA Laws of the Game will apply unless stated below or in the TCSL Constitution and By-Laws.

  1. In the event of similar uniform colours, the HOME team must change.
  2. Duplicate shirt numbers are not allowed and must be corrected prior to the game.  If not corrected, goals scored by these players will be disallowed.
  3. Only the referee may cancel a regularly scheduled game due to inclement weather. In the event of a game being cancelled by the referee, the coaches may by mutual agreement reschedule the game or accept a tie.  The league statistician must be notified in either case.
  4. A game is forfeit if a team cannot field a minimum of 7 players in the U12 and older age groups or a minimum of 5 players for u-10 mini soccer and 4 players for u-6 and u-8 mini-soccer.
    1. A game is forfeit if a team is not on the field within 15 minutes of the scheduled kick-off.
    2. A forfeited game shall be recorded as a 1-0 win for the non-offending team.
  5. When one team is playing short, the other team may field an equal number plus 1.  This does not include playing short due to discipline (i.e. a red card issued in that particular game).
  6. In the event of extreme heat or humidity, the referee, at his/her discretion, may stop play for extra water breaks.
  7. If a referee fails to show up for a game, the home coach or other registered team official will referee the first half and the visiting coach or other registered team official will referee the second half.  One person may referee the entire game if everyone is in agreement.  A 10-minute waiting period is required for a referee to be considered a “no show.”  NB:  The TCSL Head Referee must be notified of all “no shows.” (DEVON BRAY is the TCSL Head Referee.)

  1. Substitutions will be allowed on goals, goal kicks, throw-ins, half-time, and injury.  There is no limit to the amount of substitutions made.
  2. Only the team with possession on a throw-in can initiate a substitution.  The opposing team may follow.
  3. If the referee stops play for attention to an injured player, that player must be subbed off.

  1. Players may be called up from a younger age group to allow a maximum of 14 players for U12 and up and a maximum of 10 players for mini-soccer (U10 and under) or to fill out your team roster, whichever is less.
  2. A maximum of 3 call-ups may be used per game.
  3. A player may be called up a maximum of 3 times per season.***2016 Only- 5 Callups for u14-u18****
  4. Any called-up player must be designated with “CU” beside their name on the game sheet.

  1. U6, U8, and U10 are allowed 2 goals per player per game.
  2. U12-U18 are allowed 3 goals per player per game.
  3. If exceeded, the goal is disallowed and a goal kick is awarded to the non-offending team.  Over-time and shoot-outs are the only exception.

  1. U6 — Size 3 — 3 x 10-minute periods.
  2. U8 — Size 3 — 2 x 20-minute halves.
  3. U10 — Size 4 — 2 x 25-minute halves.
  4. U12 — Size 4 — 2 x 35-minute halves.
  5. U14 — Size 5 — 2 x 40-minute halves.
  6. U16 & U18 — Size 5 — 2 x 45-minute halves.

Number of Players
  1. U6 and U8 play 5 a side (4 plus 1 goalkeeper).
  2. U-10 play 7 a side (6 plus 1 goalkeeper)
  3. U12 play 9 v 9 (8 plus 1 goalkeeper)
  4. u14 to  U18 play 11 a side (10 plus 1 goalkeeper).


  1. CREASE: In u-6 games only, the goalkeeper's crease is an area 1 metre out from the goal line and 1 metre out from each goalpost where no opposing player may enter.  Goals scored in the crease do not count and an indirect free kick shall be awarded to the defending team.
  2. PENALTY KICKS: There are no penalty kicks in mini-soccer for (u6-u10).
  3. COACHES ON THE FIELD: For U6 and U8, one coach for each team may be on the field of play.
    1. For U6-U10 Retreat Line is ½ of the field of play
    2. For U12 Retreat Line is ⅓ of field of play
    3. For U14-U18 No Retreat Line
    1. For U6-U8 ONLY Goal Kick (regardless of who kicked it out)
    2. For U10-U18 ONLY Corner or Goal Kick based on Referee’s Decision
    3. For U6-U10, on goal kicks, all players from the opposing team must retreat or be in the process of retreating into their half of the field.
    4. The goalkeeper may play the ball if there are defending players in his/her half.  The goalkeeper under a reasonable amount of time must pass the ball to one of his/her players outside the penalty area.
    5. The defending players may not interfere with play or the ball in the opposition’s half until the attacking team (team with the ball) gets the ball over the half line.  NB:  If defending team interferes, then an indirect free kick is taken and the rule starts from the beginning.
    6. The attacking team has no longer than 30 (thirty) seconds to play the ball of the half line (which is determined by the referee and referee only) once it leaves the penalty area.
    7. The attacking team’s players do not have to remain in their own half and can cross over as often as they wish.
    8. After 30 seconds has expired, the referee will verbally tell the defending team that they can go get the ball.
    9. For U6-U10, on GOALKEEPER POSSESSION (when the goalkeeper has the ball in his/her hands), all players from the opposing team must retreat or be in the process of retreating into their half of the field. All previous retreat rules apply as well as:
      1. The goalkeeper has a time allotment of 6 (six) seconds to hold onto the ball (which is determined by the referee and referee only).
    1. For U10 ONLY, The referee shall allow two chances at a throw-in and shall instruct the player on a proper throw.
    2. For U6-U8 ONLY:Kick-In will be used. Defending players must be minimum of 2m away.
    3. For U10-U18 Throw-Ins will be used.
  7. OFFSIDES: For U6-U10 ONLY, No Offsides will be called; U12-U18, Offsides will be called

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