1.  What nights do we play.
  • Nights are the same as previous years
  • Timbits Play on Tuesday
  • u7 on Wednesday
  • u9 on Thursday
  • u8 on Thursday
  • u10 on Wednesday
  • u12 on Tuesday
  • u14 on Monday
  • u16 on Thursday
  • u18 on Wednesday.
2. What equipment do we need?
  • a pair of shoes - cleats as you move up in levels
  • a pair of athletic shorts
  • shin pads are mandatory
  • longer soccer socks to cover the shin pads (at some age levels these are provided)
3. When do we start?
  • Travel and House League generally start the week following the long weekend in May. I say generally as we sometimes need to wait depending on the weather.
  • Timbits start the first week of June. Some Timbits will play in Campbellford and some will be rotating through Warkworth. (In 2016 we had 4 teams solely playing out of Warkworth and 6 out of Campbellford. Repeating this set up in 2017 is dependent on player numbers and will be decided closer to the start of the season).

4. Where do teams play?
  • All House League teams (U7 and U9) play in Campbellford at Kennedy Park. Timbits mostly play at Kennedy Park and one or two games in Warkworth (again dependent on numbers)
  • All Travel Teams (except u10) have home field in Warkworth.
  • U10 teams play in Campbellford at Kennedy Park.
5. What is the refund policy?
Trent Hills soccer club will refund the entire amount of the cost for registration until the point where uniforms have been ordered. This usually occurs at the end of April. At that point $30 will be withheld from the registration fee to cover the cost of the uniform. After the completion of the first game of the season, no money will be refunded.

6. What are the costs?
Due to the generosity of Canadian Tire in Campbellford who are sponsoring our club this year, the cost for Timbits is $25. The cost for Travel Teams is $50. The cost for House League is $50.

7. What times do we play?
  • Timbits - usually around 6:30 and 20 minute practice then game until about 7:30
  • House League - usually start at 7 and go to 8...short practice before the game from 6:40-7:00
  • Travel - varies but generally start between 6:30 and 7 and end around 8:30

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