Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Warkworth Timbits Startup

Hello All - I am Mark Carlen President of Trent Hills Soccer Club. I am writing to remind you of the Timbits league starting up tonight. I hope you and your player are excited. 

There have been some changes to the Ontario Soccer League and the direction soccer is taking. Players are playing on smaller fields, with smaller rosters and smaller nets. It is designed to give players more playing time and more touches on the ball.

Field: To meet those goals we have made smaller teams and we are moving the Timbits games to the Upper Field in Warkworth this year. They will play two games side by side on the upper field with small pop up nets.

Parking:We have been reminded by the Municipality that parking on County Road 29 is prohibited and that they may enforce this with ticketing in the future. there were complaints made to the Municipal office last week for the Travel League Home opener.  Tonight parking will be even more crowded with u12 and the Timbits Playing. Please consider car pooling or parking at the Arena and taking the short walk behind the ball diamond to get to the upper field. 

Referees: All of our available referees are either working a game tonight or already committed to another activity. One referee that was to ref one of the Timbits games has come down with an illness and cannot be there. I will be there and will attempt to get the game started but will have to leave to referee the u12 game by 6:55. Coaches (who are already busy herding the crowd) or a wonderful willing parent (hint) will have to take over. The other game will have a referee. 

Please watch our Facebook page or our Web site (www.thsc.club) regularly for quick updates and new information as it comes available. 

See you tonight. 

Sincerely, Mark Carlen 

President Trent Hills Soccer Club: www.thsc.club

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