Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Wahoo, It's Coming Togther

Excellent news. Several kind people have stepped forward to assist some of the teams. This is great news. Those of you that want sport, or anything for your children should be very grateful for the volunteers that make it happen.

The schedules for the travelling teams were approved last night and the finalized copies will be sent out today and I will have them posted on the appropriate pages fairly shortly.

The year-end tournaments are set for the travel teams as well. We are hosting the u16 tournament.

Dates and locations are as follows:

u8 Saturday August 16 at Hastings
u10 Sunday August 17 at Havelock
u12 Saturday August 23 at Castelton
u14 Saturday August 23 at Castelton
u16 Sunday August 17 at Warkworth

This is subject to change so please watch this BLOG for updates.

An organization based out of East Northumberland Secondary School is looking to get team sets of old jerseys to donate to a village in Africa. If there are any sets out there I would be happy to pass them along.

We also discussed a non-smoking policy for all teams in the Tri-County league.  This is not an issue as there is currently a by-law in place for no smoking on all recreational spaces in Trent Hills.  The local health units may have funding available to provide materials for the kids to remind them to not start. Your encouragement as an adult is needed. We need to make our kids healthy for the future.

If any parents want to take any (almost any) course for upgrading coaching certificates, please approach me as we will gladly fund it if you are going to coach for us.

Referee meeting tomorrow night at Kent P.S. from 3:30 to about 4PM.

Things are looking better for our start date of the week of May 26.

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